Auto Reair South Jordan, UT

At GT Automotive, our ASE Certified Technicians can build and install factory or high performance exhaust systems to help your vehicle's engine breathe better. We also have MIG and oxy-acetylene welding capabilities, as well as a pipe bending machine for custom jobs. In addition, we provide complete services for fuel injection systems, including complete power flushes and air intake/throttle body cleaning to restore your fuel delivery system back to the performance level it was at when your car was new. We also have a complete 4-wheel laser alignment system to get your vehicle back to factory specs no matter how many curbs and potholes you've hit!

On top of all that, we subscribe to 3 information systems, Alldata, Mitchell and Identifix, to help us diagnose your vehicle faster, saving you time & money! Our technicians have training and equipment to perform the following services:

  • Complete engine service including Timing Belts, Cylinder Head Gaskets, Water Pumps, Intakes and Timing Chains.
  • Complete Brake Service including: Machining Rotors & Drums, Servicing Calipers & Parking Brakes, Fluid Flushes and System Bleeding.
  • Complete Clutch and CV Axle Service
  • Complete Vehicle Maintenance Program
  • Auto Transmission Flush W/Synthetic Fluid

We can also perform complete air conditioning service and repair. We add fluorescent dye to every A/C recharge that we do, so if you develop a leak in your system, we can find it with the use of ultraviolet leak detection lamps. In addition we perform transmission and cooling system flushes as well as complete brake system fluid flushing and bleeding to protect your vehicle's ABS braking system. At GT Automotive, we do it all!


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