Most Common Kia Sportage Problems

If you are actively in the market for a fun and affordable family SUV, you have probably come across the Kia Sportage. For the most part, Kia (whose parent company is Hyundai) has built a good reputation of producing reliable vehicles over the years. However, like all vehicle makes and models that stay in production for long periods of time, there are bound to be a few common problems that end up coming to light. In this article, we will take a deeper dive into the most common Kia Sportage problems encountered by Kia Sportage owners.

Kia Sportage Common Problems

  1. Engine Idling or Stalling
    When it comes to answering the questions of what problems do Kia Sportage have, the most commonly reported Kia Sportage problem is the engine becoming idle or stalling while the vehicle is in operation/motion. Some Sportage owners referred to it as a Kia Sportage jerking problem. Expert mechanics often attributed this issue to a faulty Electronic Gas Injection (EGI) control relay or a failed fuel pump. That said, we often recommend that the best way to remedy this issue is to replace both items at the same time to ensure that the other one that wasn’t replaced doesn’t fail again and cause the same problem.
  2. Fuel Tank Leaks
    Gas leaks also make the list of Kia Sportage common problems. This issue is especially prevalent in areas with harsher winter seasons, due to salt being used on most roads. Kia Sportage owners say that their steel gas tanks begin to corrode and leak. If you suspect that your Sportage may be leaking gasoline, take it to your local Kia dealership. Kia has extended their fuel tank warranty for the Sportage, so hopefully you can get it fixed at the dealer for little to no cost.
  3. Check Engine Light Issues
    It has been reported that the check engine light in the Kia Sportage tends to turn on randomly when there isn’t a real issue with the vehicle. There are a few different known reasons why this might be happening. Sometimes it can simply be a sign of a minor electrical problem, while other times it could be caused by the rubber regulator being destroyed. For Kia Sportages made between 1995-2000, the check engine light can be a throttle position switch (TPS) problem. Regardless of the issue, be sure to have a certified technician check your vehicle to single out the problem.
  4. Electronic Stability Control
    The electronic stability control (ESC) light turning on is another common problem found in the Kia Sportage. The ESC is what helps stabilize the remaining three tires if one becomes disabled or stuck. However, like most check lights, the light is not supposed to be on constantly. In cases where the ESC light stays on even when all four tires are functioning properly, the vehicle may have to have the wiring re-done in order to fix the problem.

Regardless of the make and model, knowing the good, bad, and ugly about the vehicles you are considering can save you a ton of future headaches. The Kia Sportage is no different. That said, be sure to do your own extensive research. Don’t only read what is good about the vehicle, but also be open to reading about potential Kia Sportage problems you may encounter when owning one. This will help you make the best choice when purchasing a vehicle, as well as help you avoid costly repairs and better understand what maintenance will be required. Overtime, knowing how to properly maintain your vehicle will save you money and help prolong the life of your new vehicle. Lastly, if you already own a Kia Sportage and are experiencing any of the above issues, give us a call today and we’d be happy to help!