Most Common Mazda RX-8 Problems

Due to the sizable investment involved, choosing the best car to fit your needs is an important and sometimes stressful decision. However, even the best vehicles have pros and cons. For the most part, Mazda RX8 problems tend to be minimal, but there are several common RX8 problems that have been reported over the years. That being said, doing your own research and taking the time to learn about the potential Mazda RX8 problems you may run into can help you make the best decision possible when purchasing your next vehicle.

5 Common Mazda RX8 Problems


  1. Engine Problems

    One of the most reported RX8 problems revolves around its engine. Its unique high-performance rotary-style engine has proven to be more unreliable than expected, particularly after 60,000 miles. Warranty companies have even gone as far as to say that Mazda has unofficially said that these engines do become more unreliable and susceptible to issues once you have surpassed 60,000 miles.

    Unfortunately, the most common solution to this problem is to have your vehicle fitted for a replacement engine. Although this can be very expensive, it would likely end up being more of an investment to try to fix your existing engine, especially once it has run over 60,000 miles. 
  2. Mazda RX8 Power Steering Problems

    The power steering is one of the first things owners tend to experience issues with. Various reports detail that their RX8’s power steering randomly goes in and out, even though all of the connections seem to be clean and tight. 

    Although we always recommend visiting your local mechanic when having issues with your vehicle, there is a low-risk DIY solution that has been said to help many owners fix the RX8 power steering issues. The primary action owners are taking is changing their battery cable ends. On the positive cable end, there is a white wire that powers the power steering. Over time, it is common for this wire to become loose at the battery post resulting in a bad connection. That said, replacing it with a regular/new battery cable end has been said to solve the issue. When making these types of updates/fixes to your vehicle yourself, be sure to have a certified professional check your work.

  3. Starter Issues

    Another common RX8 problem is their faulty starter motors. If it is becoming difficult to start your car, the root of the issue is most likely being caused by the starter motor. To remedy the issue, you will have to replace the starter motor altogether.
  4. Catalytic Converter Failure 

    When it comes to the Mazda RX8, the catalytic converter is prone to failing. If you are unsure if this is the issue you are having, one of the most common symptoms is a jumpy acceleration. When accelerating, your vehicle should do so smoothly. However, if it’s not smooth and feels jerky, it might be time to get your catalytic converter looked at.If your car ends up having a catalytic converter issue, you will likely need to replace it to resolve the problem. It can be very expensive, so be sure to shop around if able.

  5. Gear Knob Light Failure 

    Having issues with your gear knob not illuminating? So are other RX8 owners. The gear knob wiring becoming loose or breaking has, unfortunately, become a common RX8 problem. Thankfully, Mazda did produce a modified version of the gear knob to resolve the issue.

Although there are some common Mazda RX8 Problems that drivers have reported over the years, Mazdas are still great cars. Since no vehicle is perfect, as long as you are aware of the common issues you might be facing when getting a new vehicle, you will be more confident about your purchase. 

Thankfully, most modern cars come with little risk, especially if you are able to follow the recommended maintenance schedule. If you have any questions about a given repair, give us a call at (385) 497-6442 or visit our shop in South Jordan. We look forward to assisting you!