Most Common Toyota Corolla Problems

When considering which make and model is the most popular car in the US, the Toyota Corolla is bound to be amongst the top of the list. As a nationwide favorite, it is one of the most well-known car models in the US market. The Toyota Corolla is known to be safe and reliable, affordable and gas efficient, and last but not least, it is produced by arguably the most trusted automotive brands in the world. It is reported that for every 5 Toyota vehicles sold, one of them is a Corolla. 

Although the Corolla’s popularity is warranted and ever-growing, like all cars, there are several problems with Toyota Corollas reported by owners. No car is perfect, so this article isn’t to deter you from purchasing a Corolla, but rather to inform you about the Toyota Corolla problems you may face as an owner. That way you can make the most informed decision possible as you shop for a new or used vehicle. Now let’s review the most common problems Toyota Corolla has that you should be aware of.

  • Brake Complications –
    By far the most common Toyota Corolla problem reported revolves around its braking system. These issues are so apparent that the Corolla has had two separate breaking-related recalls since 2000. The most frequently reported issues were premature brake failure, grinding sound from brakes, and brakes squeaking. Thankfully, the majority of these braking issues have been resolved in newer models, so although you may not have much to worry about, it is important to at least be aware of the potential issue and know if it is covered in your warranty. Given that the brakes play a vital role in your car running safely and properly, if you think you might be experiencing brake issues, be sure to have it looked at by a professional as soon as possible.
  • Suspension Issues –
    Another highly reported Toyota Corolla issue is its faulty suspension. According to several mechanics, the Corolla’s front suspension struts, as well as its anti-roll bar are known to fail quicker than they should. Of course, this is dependent on how hard you drive and how well you take care of your vehicle, but these parts sometimes fail after only one year of driving. Not sure if your suspension is working as it should? When a vehicle has a faulty suspension, you will likely hear a noticeable clanging noise while driving, especially when going over bumps. Thankfully, if you are having this issue and are needing to have it repaired, the repair cost is on the lower side of things.
  • Fuel Pump Failures –
    Toyota vehicles have grown a reputation for frequently having fuel pump issues, especially when it comes to injection. The most reported fuel pump failure symptom is that drivers began noticing jerking during acceleration or a failure to accelerate altogether. This is usually caused by the pump injecting too little or too much fuel into the engine. Some Corolla owners even reported that their vehicle wasn’t starting due to a faulty fuel pump. That said, if your acceleration feels off, have your vehicle looked at before you continue to drive it to help avoid a potential accident.
  • Faulty Water Pumps –
    A newer issue added to the Toyota Corolla common problems list is a faulty water pump. The main symptom being reported by owners is steam coming out from under your hood. A good way to tell if your vehicle has this issue is by simply checking your engine temperature light. However, in some cases, the engine temperature light may fail to turn on – resulting in not knowing until you see steam. Given this Toyota Corolla problem can cause damage to your entire engine through leaked water and high temperatures, it is important to have the issue fixed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can end up turning into a much bigger problem, like a complete engine failure.

As touched on above, all cars have shortcomings and despite there being several common Toyota Corolla problems, Toyota is still one of the most reputable automotive companies around.  That said, when shopping for your next Toyota, make sure you talk to your dealer about the Toyota Corolla issues and make sure they are covered with the warranty you end up choosing. Hopefully, you never have to deal with these issues, but it will feel great to know you are covered in the event something does happen.