Important Fluids to Check in Your Car

The better you understand your vehicle, the better off you are. It doesn’t matter who you are or how often you drive, understanding the types of fluids in a car is valuable for all drivers. It’s a lesson that will help you out when you least expect it. Noticing a wet spot under your car, helping someone on the side of the road, getting an oil change, there are so many times that knowing what fluids to check in a car can help you or someone in need. This blog will go over a few fluids to check in a car and the job they perform.


  1. Engine Oil – Other than gasoline, oil is probably the most understood fluid in your car. There are lots of small parts in your engine and most are made of metal. These metal parts move around and create friction inside the engine. This can make things very hot. Your engine oil lubricates all the metal parts to help reduce heat and friction. Because so much of your car or truck’s performance depends on your engine, engine oil is one of the most important vehicle fluids to check. Check out our blog on signs you need an oil change to better understand the process.


  1. Brake Fluid – Brake fluid has a much different job than engine oil. This fluid’s job is to help build pressure between your brakes and the brake pedal. When you put your foot down on your brake pedal, it creates pressure so a plunger can push down on the brake fluid inside the lines. This presses your brake pad down onto the rotors. This is how you slow your car down and it cannot be done without brake fluid. There can be a delay in braking if your brake fluid is low. This creates a real safety concern for you and those around you. Of the car fluid levels to check, brake fluid is one of the most important. It doesn’t matter how fast you can go if you can’t stop.


  1. Coolant (antifreeze) – Coolant is just what the name implies, it helps prevent your car’s systems from overheating. You may recognize coolant because it is the pink fluid in your car. Heat is created during the internal combustion process that needs to be regulated and/or expelled. Coolant helps with this process. The water pump circulates coolant through your radiator and engine block. When a cooler material comes in contact with the hotter technicianal systems to transfer heat out is convection heat transfer. Coolant is a dual purpose fluid and also helps your technicianal systems from freezing in colder temperatures.


  1. Transmission Fluid – Similar to coolant and engine oil, transmission fluid’s job is to lubricant systems to reduce heat and friction. Within the transmission system is a network of gears, valves, and clutches. Transmission fluid remains within the transmission system to keep all of this running smoothly. Most vehicles now have forever fluid meaning under normal use, transmission fluid should last the lifetime of the vehicle. Checking your car fluid levels is important and most are fairly easy. However, transmission fluid is tricky to check. Most likely you will need to seek out professional help to check levels and purity.


  1. Windshield Washer Fluid – This fluid is all about safety. Windshield washer fluid is here to help you see and not much else. It is easily recognizable as the blue fluid in your car. You don’t need to be a trained professional to monitor your wiper fluid. Of the fluids discussed, this is the easiest fluid to check in a car. Just grab some wiper fluid and check in with a YouTube tutorial. Maybe just use a reusable funnel and not spill everywhere!

Fluids to Check in Car

This list is not comprehensive of all the fluids to check in your car and each one could have its own post. Understanding these fluids is important and we suggest doing more research to help understand each one. Today we reviewed some of the most important types of fluids in a car to keep an eye on for your safety and others. If you are near our South Jordan, UT or the Salt Lake City area, call or come in to let us know of any issues you may be having with your car or truck. You can also schedule service online for an appointment that fits your schedule for express lube or general repair. Our skilled technicians will be happy to answer your questions and diagnose any issues you are experiencing.

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