Most Common Nissan Sentra Problems

Like many Japanese made vehicles, Nissans are known for their reliability, modern design, solid performance, and competitive gas mileage – with reliability likely being the most important metric to potential buyers. When breaking down the reliability rating of the Nissan Sentra, one of Nissan’s premier sedans, RepairPal gives it an above-average score of 4.0 out of 5.0. Even with the above-average score, the Nissan Sentra is rated the 14th most reliable vehicle on the market today out of 36 compact car models. 

You may be wondering what kind of Nissan Sentra problems are owners experiencing for it to not be in the top 10, but before we dive into the most commonly reported Nissan Sentra problems we do want to note a few things. No car is perfect, and the Sentra is comparatively a great choice regardless of its shortcomings. They often are more affordable to own, drive, and maintain when compared to similar compact cars. We are simply hoping to provide you with a short list of a few commonly reported Nissan Sentra problems so you will know exactly what to look out for and be better prepared and able to address the issue or avoid it altogether before it develops into something bigger. Now let’s take a quick look at several common Nissan Sentra problems owners are facing.

Transmission Problems 

Since 2003, Nissan Sentra transmission problems have been reported at an alarming rate. Most of these reports mention that their vehicle was experiencing shaking, sputtering, and stalling, as well as RPM spiking while driving or the inability to drive (except in reverse) all caused by continuously variable transmission (CVT) issues. Various fluid leaks, overheating, power loss, or CVT failure are also possible due to these mechanical issues. That said, if you suspect that you are having a transmission issue, be sure to get it checked out by your local mechanic as soon as possible. For the most part, the solution to these issues is often to have your transmission repaired or replaced, which can be costly if your vehicle is no longer under warranty.

Trunk Latch Problems 

 One of the more annoying reported Nissan Sentra problems is the Sentra trunk latch problems owners have been experiencing. This issue may not be major, but it does keep you from being able to utilize the trunk of your car, which is not ideal. Although this may seem like an easy fix, there are several different things that could be causing this issue. Sometimes, the latch may simply be misaligned, while other times it may be an electrical issue. That said, we recommended having the issue properly diagnosed by a professional before addressing the issue on your own. If you do decide to address the issue on your own, be sure to do plenty of research and watch as many videos as you can before diving in.

Bluetooth Problems 

Although not at all dangerous, Nissan Sentra Bluetooth Problems are commonly reported. Since the “NissanConnect App”’ requires a stable internet connection, the issue may simply be that you are driving through an area with a poor data signal. However, if you are certain it’s not the signal, you may need to reset the Bluetooth connection in your car. Once you do that you should be good to go. If that still doesn’t do the trick, call NissanConnect Services support for more guidance.

Starter Problems

Nissan Sentra starter problems is another highly reported issue owners have experienced. When it comes to your Sentra not starting, there can be many different things at play causing it not to start. However, the most common reasons are a failed starter, a bad alternator, or simply a dead battery. Thankfully, the root cause of the Nissan Sentra starter problems aren’t usually that serious and can be quickly diagnosed and fixed. Regardless of this not being considered a major issue, attempting to drive your vehicle while it is having issues starting can leave you stranded or unable to reach your destination. To avoid this from happening, if you believe your car may have a failed (or failing) starter, a bad alternator, or a dead (or dying) battery, get your vehicle checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible. 

Now that you know a bit more about the most commonly reported Nissan Sentra problems, hopefully, you will be able to make a confident decision on whether or not it is the right vehicle for you. Regardless, most modern vehicles, including the Nissan Sentra, are reliable. So although no car is 100% perfect, if you follow the vehicle’s recommended maintenance required, you should have little to no issues with the car you choose to purchase. If you have any questions about a given type of auto repair, call (385) 497-6442 or visit our auto shop in South Jordan, Utah. We look forward to assisting you with all of your auto needs in Utah!