Most Common Honda Accord Problems

Are you thinking of purchasing a new or used Honda Accord in the near future? If so, great choice! Honda and the Honda Accord have developed a long reputation of being reliable and worth the going MSRP – making it one of the most popular vehicles in the United States. However, like all vehicle makes and models, they aren’t perfect, and common problems tend to rise to the surface after years and years of being sold and driven. That said, we have compiled a short list of the most common Honda Accord issues reported by owners. This is in no way intended to convince you not to buy a Honda Accord, but simply to inform you about common Honda Accord problems you should keep an eye out for. That way, you can address them quickly and avoid letting them develop into a bigger, more costly problem. 

Most Common Honda Accord Problems

Transmission Problems

In the early 2000s, the Honda Accord began receiving a high rate of transmission problems reports. Some owners have reported that their transmission fails outright, while other drivers report that their transmission frequently experiences jerking and slipping when switching gears – all before their vehicle has reached 90,000 miles. Unfortunately, fixing these issues requires a transmission replacement, which can be very costly – especially when the transmission should have lasted at least 150,000 miles.

Brake Problems

Another highly reported Honda Accord issue is related to its brakes. Due to all of these reports, Honda Accords have unfortunately built a reputation of being prone to rapid brake pad wear and tear, which is said to potentially be caused by its Electronic Brake Distribution system. Although car brake pads should last at least 30,000 miles before having to be replaced, Accord owners have reported having to replace their brake pads as frequently as every 12,000 miles. Thankfully, the solution to this issue is pretty simple, replace the brake pads. However, the cost (~$200-$300) of replacing your brake pads this frequently can definitely begin to add up.

Misfire Problem

The Honda Accord misfire problem is another commonly reported Honda Accord problem. The most common engine misfire symptom is stuttering and jerking caused by the engine when one or more cylinders fails to fire properly. Since this issue usually originates from ignition issues or fuel-related issues, engine misfiring is often accompanied by a loss of power. It can sometimes be tricky to track down the exact problem and reason why your vehicle is misfiring, the below are several common reasons this may be happening:

  • Faulty spark plugs, wires, or ignition coil
  • Broken piston rings or valve springs
  • Burnt/bent valves
  • Worn out Camshaft
  • Malfunctioning fuel injector

Electrical Problems

Electrical issues are also not uncommon. Honda Accord owners have reported having electrical issues as soon as 30,000 miles. Owners have reported that the factory-installed batteries don’t have the necessary amps to properly power the engine and that the battery is constantly draining.

Faulty Ignition Switch

Another common issue among older Honda Accords is a faulty ignition switch. The main symptom of an ignition switch interlock failing reported by owners is that they can remove their key before the engine is placed in the “park” position, as well as stalling and/or failing to start. As you can imagine, stalling or being able to remove the key before the car is parked can increase the risk of the car rolling and continuing to move when not desired. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, be sure to replace your ignition switch immediately. On average, a new ignition switch usually costs around $250.

Faulty Power Door Locks

One of the most frustrating Honda Accord issues that is often reported revolves around a faulty power door lock system. The symptoms reported are that the doors may not lock properly, won’t lock at all, or may even lock themselves when the power lock actuators start failing. If you begin having these symptoms, be sure to take your vehicle to your local repair shop for proper diagnosis and address the issue. Depending on the city you are in/shop you choose to go to, as well as what the mechanic finds to be the issue, if it is simply faulty power door locks, you will likely need to replace the door lock actuator. On average this can cost $200, depending on the brand you choose to use.

Although there are some common Honda Accord problems to look out for, you really can’t go wrong with a Honda Accord. However, now that you are aware of the issues it may have, you will be able to catch the problem sooner and keep it from developing into a bigger issue. You will also be able to do some research ahead of time on how to keep these issues from happening in the first place. For the most part, if you do the recommended routine maintenance and treat your vehicle with care, you should have no problems with your new or used Honda Accord.