Subaru Head Gasket Replacement & Repair

It’s no secret that if you have a Subaru, you will likely have to repair or replace the Subaru head gasket at some point over the course of the vehicle’s life. That said, if you are thinking about doing a Subaru head gasket replacement on your Subaru, there are a few things you will want to know ahead of time. In this article, we will do a brief overview of several common questions and concerns brought up by Subaru owners dealing with Subaru head gasket problems. If your Subaru is experiencing overheating, antifreeze loss, external oil leaks, or vent heating/cooling inconsistencies, the information below may be helpful to you.

What does a head gasket do?

A head gasket is a small but vital engine component that serves as a seal between the engine block and cylinder head, preventing things like engine fluid leaks, pressure loss, and harmful gasses from exiting the combustion chamber.

Are Subaru head gaskets worth fixing?

One of the common initial questions we get asked is simply, “Is my Subaru worth putting more money into?” Although the answer varies from person to person, if you enjoyed your Subaru up until the point of the issue happening, then it is likely worth repairing. We use thicker, multi-layered head gaskets that have shown to be significantly better than the original head gaskets installed in the factory. Once your vehicle is running smoothly and as it should, the enjoyment should come back in no time. Also, with the cost of used vehicles and the availability and cost of new vehicles, it’s usually a better value to repair the Subaru that you know and love already. Some people get a little tied up with what they feel their Subaru is worth. Instead of looking at the situation in this way, you should compare what it will cost to replace your Subaru against the cost to repair it. 

Should I replace/repair anything else at the same time?

Since the engine is removed from the car during a head gasket replacement, people often try to make it worth as much as possible by thinking of it as an opportunity to replace other components of the vehicle. It’s very common to replace the timing belt, all timing components, front oil seals, rear main seal, water pump, thermostat, radiator, spark plugs, and clutch (if applicable)- which can usually be added to the services for only the cost of parts.

How long will the head gaskets normally last?

On average, after the Subaru head gaskets are replaced it should last somewhere between 100,000 miles to 160,000 miles.

How much is the estimated cost of a head gasket repair?

Although this depends on where you are getting the repair/replacement, as well as on the year and type of Subaru engine you have, the average base Subaru head gasket replacement/repair for a 2.5-liter engine is commonly about $2000, including parts & labor. If you are getting additional items replaced, such as the timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, oil seals, etc, the total can increase to around $2,800-$3000.

How long does a Subaru head gasket replacement take?

When scheduled out ahead of time, this kind of repair takes about two to three days to complete. This gives the technician the needed amount of time to properly complete the head gasket replacement and road test the vehicle afterwards. For the most part, if there are delays, it’s likely due to sourcing additional parts.

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