A Road Trip Checklist

As the third-largest country in the entire world, the United States has incredible potential for road trip vacations. Our diverse landscape brings you through the swamplands of Louisianna, the busy streets of New York City, the iconic Grand Canyon, the winding and windy coast of California, the waterfalls of Washington, and the bison habitats in the fields of Montana. As long as your car can handle the drive and you have all of the road trip essentials, you can experience all kinds of adventures.

There are a few essential things to bring on a road trip that can make it more enjoyable and efficient and GT Automotive is going to lay them out for you!

Road Trip Checklist: Vehicle Essentials

No matter whether or not you are on a road trip, you must always have a copy of your car insurance policy, driver’s license, vehicle registration, an emergency first aid kit, a USB cord phone charger, and a spare tire. Of course, these are things that you should always have in your vehicle as well.

Maps and Navigation

Some people like to just drive with no real destination in mind but this isn’t exactly effective if you’ve got a specific destination in mind. To get where you need to go, your road trip checklist should include both a digital navigation service (such as Google Maps or your car’s built-in system) and a paper map, for those places where you don’t get cell service.

Spare Cash

Many small towns have shops and restaurants that don’t accept credit cards. Just in case, it’s best to carry a couple of hundred dollars on you.


Whether you are going to be driving alone or with friends, some form of entertainment is always a road trip necessity. For your time in the car, podcasts, music playlists, and audiobooks provide hundreds of options. Books, board games, and card games are great for once you settle down for the night!

Reusable Waterbottles and Toilet Paper

There are going to be some stretches of land where the only sign of life is the occasional rest stop, if even that. Knowing this, you should always have a hefty amount of water in your car and some toilet paper, in case those desolate bathrooms run out.

Keep It Clean

Sitting in your car for long periods of time can leave you feeling a bit grimey. In these cases, you’ll be happy that you have a toiletry bag, hand sanitizer, body wipes, deodorant, tissues, and a hairbrush. Plus, if you end up finding a nice restaurant in the middle of nowhere, you don’t want to walk in all stinky. Along with these things to bring on a road trip, you should also have some medicine on hand, such as pain killers, allergy medication, and even bug spray.


Unless you are on a time-crunch, you should be willing to let yourself be spontaneous. If you come across a charming little town, small lake, or just somewhere unplanned that you would like to spend time visiting, do it. You’d be surprised how many wonderful places you can stumble upon on a road trip.

These kinds of vacations can be great ways to get to know yourself, spend time with your friends, and explore this wonderful country. Before you set out, however, it’s important to make sure that your car will be able to handle it and that you won’t risk breaking down at any point. Bring your car into GT Automotive for a pre-road trip vehicle inspection! Call (801) 302-0912 today to schedule your service!

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